PSP Update: March 1, 2024


We have big news coming out of Southern California. KP has agreed to our terms: we will all get our full Performance Sharing Program (PSP) payout. Alliance members will receive the bonus in two payments. The first payment on March 8 will be between $1,409 and $1,925, depending on Service Area and KFH/SCPMG. The second payout of $1,200 will be on March 22. These two payouts are subject to pro-ration based on compensated hours.

Make no mistake: Together, we made this happen. Members mobilized quickly with the news KP was planning to reduce our PSP. We were united. And Kaiser knew it.

When we are united, we win. If you’ve not yet signed the Alliance demand letter, there’s still time:

Yesterday, nearly 3,000 UNAC/UHCP members across California and Hawaii signed on to the Alliance Demand Letter. Our visibility and action sent a clear message to Kaiser leadership. KP needs to know that we’re just getting started. Together, with our Alliance partners, we will continue to push KP to address the staffing crisis through wage increases and hiring. Enough is enough. We will continue to fight for safe staffing and safe patient care. You matter. Your mental health matters. Most importantly, the care we give matters.

Sign on to the letter to KP: