UNAC/UHCP has officially lifted our pause on the Labor Management Partnership.

On September 17, 2021, we found it necessary to formally pause the largest, longest-lasting, most-comprehensive labor-management partnership in the United States. We declared the 24-year partnership on life support, citing a lack of sponsorship and a fundamental understanding of LMP principles dating back to 2018.

Necessary improvements were successfully negotiated in our last round of bargaining, but we understand that challenges to partnership remain in day-to-day operations, HR, compliance, and the enforcement of local agreements.

We have heard your concerns from the front lines, and last week Kaiser Permanente leaders heard from us. The UNAC/UHCP leadership team provided real-time examples of the shortcomings that continue to put quality patient care at risk, a list that includes:

  • general lack of LMP training, especially for new managers
  • failure to follow local agreements and work collaboratively with local union officers and staff representatives
  • attempts to reinterpret contract language

Meaningful change is rarely immediate. We are committed to a productive future that will set higher standards for how we plan and achieve our shared mission. Patient care is the true north in our value compass, and we look forward to paving the way for an even stronger partnership, together.

Read our February 1, 2022 letter lifting our pause on partnership.