UNAC/UHCP Research


UNAC/UHCP strives to bring thoughtful scholarship to our UNAC/UHCP members and allies as they advocate for important issues affecting patients, health care professionals, and communities.


The Dangerous Impact of the
National Nursing Shortage

The same nursing shortage that has been a concern for decades is now
wreaking havoc on the U.S. health care system. The research findings are
undeniable: Our country’s urgent shortage of nurses has reached catastrophic
proportions. While dire, the problem has solutions that we can begin to
implement now.

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Mental Health

The True Cost of Being a Hero

Between February and April 2021 — more than
a year into the pandemic — UNAC/UHCP surveyed

our members to assess the impact on their mental

health. Respondents were mostly registered nurses

but also included physical therapists, pharmacists,

certified nurse midwives and other health care


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Wages and Compensation

Two-Tier Wage Systems

The report, Two-Tier Wage Systems: A Costly Wage Scheme
with Dangerous Impacts on Patient Safety
and the People Who Provide Care, takes on
concessionary wage proposals that are misleading and flawed.

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