Nurse Safety Matters

Nurse and Patient Safety Matters to San Diego

Violence Against San Diego Nurses Must Stop

Last year many San Diegans were shocked by the brutal attack on a nurse at Scripps Mercy Hospital, but attacks on nurses are sadly not uncommon. In fact nursing is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Too often, hospital management does nothing to respond to these recurring incidents, preferring to cut corners and increase profits, leaving workers in danger.

We can’t simply blame the mentally unstable patients who come to hospitals looking for help. It’s hospital policies that put nurses lives at risk due to inadequate systems in place to address issues of workplace violence.

As nurses, we are on the front lines every day keeping all of our loved ones safe. We shouldn’t have to put our own lives at risk to care for your loved ones. Every hospital and medical facility should have a task force in place that makes sure hospital policies keep *both* health care workers and patients safe. We also need safe staffing to ensure that there are enough caregivers and security personnel to prevent violence before it occurs.

Sign the petition today to ask the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to stand up for nurses.