St. Francis Registered Nurses Strike Registration

This form is for St. Francis RNs to sign up for the strike. If you’re not a St. Francis RN, sign up here.

For nurses, a strike is always a last resort. But we’ll do whatever it takes to protect our patients, our community, and our licenses.

Prime cut wages by 12% when they took over, we’ve suffered under a three-year wage freeze, and now they’ve offered only 2%.

With RN turnover at St. Francis higher than 50%, that will not recruit or retain the RNs that our hospital and community need to provide safe patient care.

Prime has rejected every proposal we’ve made for safer patient care.

They’ve also bargained in bad faith and infringed on our rights to concerted activities like wearing UNAC/UHCP shirts – clear unfair labor practices.

Sign up below to join the strike to let Prime know: Enough is Enough!

Sign up here if you’re not a St. Francis RN.