UNAC/UHCP Members Share Their Stories

Christine Suh, UNAC/UHCP Pharmacist

Our first UNAC/UHCP contract had the pieces of our old contract we wanted to keep—plus a host of new language that strengthened our ability to direct patient care as we see fit.



David Huang, UNAC/UHCP Optometrist

Kaiser Permanente optometrists are much better off today than prior to joining UNAC/UHCP, both financially and in terms of control of our working conditions.


David Serani, UNAC/UHCP Physical Therapist

UNAC/UHCP is powerful because it is a union of health care professionals for health care professionals.


Liza Ventura, UNAC/UHCP Case Manager

When we ratified our first contract in 2012, we felt the support of the entire UNAC/UHCP membership back then, and we’ll show the same level of support for you. Kaiser will see the power you have with UNAC/UHCP.