Healthy Nurses, Healthy Patients: No Unilateral Changes to PTO at Sharp

Sharp has implemented unilateral changes to their ESI and Attendance policy, retroactive to January 1, 2024. We are deeply concerned. These changes have already negatively impacted working conditions and have jeopardized nurses’ and patient safety. 

Sharp’s refusal to consider the human impact of their decisions may compel many of our co-workers to come to work sick, putting our patients at risk.

Sharp claims the change was made to align with state law, but they could have achieved this without creating negative consequences. Legal requirements are no excuse. Sharp has not engaged with the union regarding the impact of these changes prior to their effective date, nor have they collaborated with us in good faith.

The attendance policy changes also violate our union contract. Our contract does not allow one set of benefits for SPNN members, and another for other Sharp workers. A grievance has been filed against Sharp in relation to this contractual breach.

Therefore, we the undersigned, hereby demand all affected policies return to the status quo and any future proposed changes are made in alignment with our union contract.

Sign the petition to tell Sharp: Healthy Nurses, Healthy Patients: No Unilateral Changes to PTO!

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