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As Northern California Rehab professionals, we now have a voice and the strength of more than 24,000 Kaiser Permanente RNs, pharmacists, midwives, PAs, optometrists and other health care professionals, which includes rehab therapists in Kaiser Southern California and Hawaii. UNAC/UHCP will support us every step of the way as we work toward securing our first contract.

We will immediately prepare for bargaining with Kaiser Permanente. We will be calling for meetings with therapists to discuss and plan our next steps. To prepare for bargaining, we will need to conduct a bargaining survey to determine our priorities and elect our bargaining team that represents the service areas and disciplines for NorCal Rehab. This process will involve all of us coming together.

We aim to improve our working conditions and protect our benefits in writing using our current working conditions as the starting point for bargaining. With the added stress of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that we have a voice and a contract to secure our future at KP the same way our fellow therapists at KP Southern California rehab have won protections. We now have the ability to collaborate with Kaiser Permanente as equals to find solutions during this time of crisis.