SPNN Bargaining #6: August 26, 2022

Flat-Out Rejection Is Not Negotiation

Without our care, our union voice, and our expertise, Sharp would not be the place where our community comes to receive top-notch patient care. We are bargaining to raise standards for our patients and for us. Sharp’s care doesn’t exist without us, the frontline caregivers. We are the heart of Sharp and are calling on management to value the essential roles we play and to match the reality of our working conditions to their rhetoric about our worth.

We need Sharp to invest in our priorities:

  • Improve standards in our workplace to attract and retain new registered nurses
  • Respect and honor our experience, dedication, and commitment
  • Enhance rights and protections
  • Bargain in good faith and stop delaying a contract that recognizes and rewards the sacrifices and work we have done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Give us the tools and resources to work at our highest level for our patients

Management’s proposals do absolutely nothing to address the retention and recruitment crisis we have. After everything we’ve been through during the pandemic, I thought they would finally get it and treat us fairly. I mean, they called us heroes. But when we actually sat down to bargain with them, we went from being called heroes to terrorists.

Carlen Hudnet, RN, SMH Cath Lab