St. Francis Bankruptcy

Last week, Verity Health, parent company of St. Francis Medical Center, filed for bankruptcy.

On Wednesday of this week, our attorneys, including a specialized bankruptcy attorney retained for this issue, participated in an Emergency Hearing in federal bankruptcy court to stake out UNAC/UHCP’s interests in protecting members’ wages, benefits, and pensions at St. Francis. It is the first hearing of a long legal fight to ensure that the hospital honors its commitments to St. Francis RNs and continues to serve our community.

The California Attorney General has already filed objections to protect the conditions agreed to by Verity Health in the sale agreement. An important condition requires Verity to meet their pension obligations. In addition, a group of California legislators has  issued a statement in support of the patients and employees in the bankruptcy process.

We remain vigilant to ensure that St. Francis and Verity Health System stand by their legal obligations to our patients and to us.