UNAC/UHCP Facebook Live: United to Heal – A Virtual Vigil for All

UNAC/UHCP Vigil Remembers COVID Losses
and Looks to Healing

The value of our lifesaving nurses, professionals, and essential workers has never been felt so deeply by so many. Our communities recognize and respect our commitment, and they too continue to show their commitment to us: Neighbors and grandmas and local businesses across supported us with donated PPE, food deliveries, and public testimonies about how our care made a difference for them in some of the hardest days of their lives.

For 14 months we have found the resilience to keep going. Now, through this collective healing, we find the hope we need to envision the future of health care that all caregivers and patients deserve.

On Friday, May 21, 2021, we hosted a Facebook Live Event featuring our members and special guests remembering family and friends who were lost or suffered greatly under COVID. We also took the opportunity to explore healing as we heard from:


Thank you for your participation.

Let’s continue to address the pain we’ve suffered, physical and mental, and move together to a place of hope and healing.