UNAC/UHCP State Officer and Board of Directors Election Results

Congratulations to UNAC/UHCP Executive Vice President Charmaine Morales, RN, who has been re-elected to another four-year term.

“As a nurse, a previous small business owner, and your executive vice president, I commit to continuing to build and mentor the next generation of activists and health care professionals,” she said. “I will continue to advance communication, embrace change, and grow.”

Charmaine was elected as the UNAC/UHCP state secretary in 2013. Her work in the UNAC/UHCP state office modernized nearly everything she touched, from updating and standardizing affiliate constitutions to providing educational opportunities for members.

Her dedication to UNAC/UHCP members is unparalleled. In 2015 she helped introduce a member program that is now known as Membership Matters—the cornerstone by which we lead and grow our union. As the face of our union on several issue campaigns, Charmaine advocated for the safety and working conditions of health care professionals. She led the workplace violence prevention effort at 2015 Kaiser Permanente National Bargaining and continues to lead that work for the Alliance of Health Care Unions (AHCU) today.

In 2016, Charmaine was elected UNAC/UHCP executive vice president and has worked to make our union more accessible with increased transparency and open communication.

In 2018, Charmaine was charged with building a new chapter in Hawaii, the United Nurses and Health Care Employees of Hawaii (UNHCEH), from ground zero. The success was dependent on developing relationships with other union leaders, activists, educators, and legislators. Today, a member bargaining team supported by UNAC/UHCP leaders is negotiating the unit’s first UNAC/UHCP contract. This chapter has motivated other health care professionals in Hawaii to organize under UNAC/UHCP.

She currently serves as a vice president of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees (NUHHCE) and a vice president of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. She has chaired the UNAC/UHCP Political Endorsement Committee since 2013 and is the sponsor of the racial/social justice charge for UNAC/UHCP.

Charmaine’s inclusive brand of leadership empowers UNAC/UHCP nurses and health care professionals to advocate for patients and better workplaces.



We are pleased to announce that Peter Sidhu, RN, has been elected as the new UNAC/UHCP treasurer.

“We must take strong, clear action when necessary,” he says. “I’ve spent half of my life fighting for this union and I plan on spending the next 20 years making sure that what we’ve fought for is protected.”

Peter has been a critical care nurse for almost 20 years and brings with him a breadth of union experience and knowledge. Before joining the staff at UNAC/UHCP, he served as a contract specialist and in two different affiliate officer positions with Kaiser Woodland Hills Registered Nurses Association (KWHRNA).

Peter joined the staff of UNAC/UHCP in 2012, and has worked as a staff representative, bargaining team member and negotiations leader. He has also helped with organizing new workers. A natural negotiator, Peter led the bargaining team for the Specialty Care Nurses of Southern California (SCNSC) local contract, served on the bargaining team for St. Francis Registered Nurses Association (SFRNA), and worked as co-lead for the most recent round of Sharp Professional Nurses Network (SPNN) negotiations. With his energy and vision, he inspires members and non-members looking to join UNAC/UHCP.

Notably, Peter has been successful at contract enforcement. He recently led a group of nurses in issuing a Level 4 corrective action against management, winning members at Woodland Hills a break relief program.

As treasurer, Peter will use his skills, passion, creativity, and experience in negotiations and representation to move our union forward.


UNAC/UHCP is pleased to announce the following members were elected in the Board of Director runoff election:

Pam Brodersen, NP (Re-elected)
Semanu Mawugbe, RN (Re-elected)
Loan Nguyen, OT
Belinda Redding, RN, BSN, MSN (Re-elected)

Rob Jones, RN, was re-elected to the Board of Directors on October 6, 2020 during the initial election ballot count.

Congratulations to all!


If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Hawkins, RN, UNAC/UHCP Secretary at Elizabeth.Hawkins@unacuhcp.org or (909) 599-8622.