UTSC Bargaining Update: May 21, 2021

Bargaining Update: May 21, 2021

Our UTSC bargaining team met with Kaiser Permanente today to kick off 2021 local bargaining. While negotiations this week were limited to introductory conversations, we are preparing to bargain intensely over the next two months.

The process when we negotiate our local agreements that impact our affiliate-specific work is very different than for National Bargaining which is occurring at the same time this summer.

The following issues are those that our UTSC bargaining team submitted for consideration during this bargaining process. Please see the Bargaining 101 information below for more on how the bargaining process will work. We will present our first interest at the next session.

  • Wage grid
  • Education leave
  • Specialty certification
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Weekend differential

📅 Next local UTSC bargaining session: May 25, 2021