UTSC Bargaining Update: May 25, 2021

Bargaining Update: May 25, 2021

Our UTSC bargaining team engaged in a spirited discussion with Kaiser Permanente today regarding the use of per diem therapists in KP Southern California.

The process for interest-based bargaining allows for a longer and richer conversations where the objective is for interests from both sides to be addressed. In this instance, we know that KP’s goal is to review the current per diem agreement and update it to allow the employer greater operational flexibility. Our team’s interest is to ensure per diems are used as intended, as a replacement or on an intermittent basis, to support full-time and part-time UTSC members. In addition, any modified language in the per diem agreement in Appendix B of our contract (view the full UTSC contract on MemberLink) must be fair for all members, including per diem therapists.

We anticipate continuing discussion on this important issue during our next session.

📅 Next local UTSC bargaining session: June 2, 2021