Kaiser Demand Letter

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Call on Kaiser Permanente Executives to Wage Up! Staff Up! Partner Up!


Dramatic changes have occurred in the labor market since we last negotiated in 2021. For over a year we have been calling on KP to address the staffing crisis through wage increases. KP has refused, leading to turnover, poor morale, and difficulty in hiring.

We have asked KP to reopen the contract to discuss across-the-board increases. KP has refused.

We have documented the toll the staffing crisis is taking on its workforce. In a recent survey of Alliance union members:
• More than 90% said their departments were short-staffed.
• 95% said the staffing crisis is affecting patient care and access.
• 90% said the staffing crisis has increased stress and impacts our mental health.

This crisis is now impacting KP’s ability to retain and grow members, and KP’s quality ratings. We demand that KP do more!

KP must increase pay and improve working conditions.