We Remain Committed to Best Care

UNAC/UHCP affiliate officers voted today by an overwhelming majority to give our UNAC/UHCP State Officers the authorization to pause our participation in Labor Management Partnership (LMP) activities if necessary.

Prior to the vote, UNAC/UHCP affiliate officers gathered for a historic negotiations briefing where UNAC/UHCP leaders laid out why we may need to take this step. The bedrock of the Kaiser Permanente (KP) LMP is the ideal of best care and best jobs. Patients are the center of our value compass and the focus of the work we do every day. The reality, however, seems to be that KP is focused on the bottom line. Click on the image below to watch an inspiring video.

The employer’s position at the bargaining table is all about investment. KP’s 2020 annual report indicates the employer notched $4 billion in capital spending in fiscal year 2020, an investment in facilities. We believe KP’s primary investment should be in patient care and those who provide it. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of change in health care. We all must adapt. Our priority is to ensure decisions about how we care for our patients aren’t made without the input of front line UNAC/UHCP registered nurses and health care professionals.

The future of this partnership depends on a strong commitment to collaboratively solving problems. Over the past several years, we’ve seen a slow erosion of this groundbreaking venture that made KP one of the best places to receive care in the nation. We hope that the employer will recognize the value of the partnership and all we’ve built together. If not, we are prepared to suspend partnership activities.

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