COVID-19 Update: Unions Negotiate Extended KP COVID Childcare Benefit

Grant program will last through mid-December

Kaiser Permanente has agreed to reinstate the childcare benefit effective August 17 through December 19, 2020, with a benefit of up to $200 per week. This announcement comes after many weeks of discussion between the employer and UNAC/UHCP and the rest of the Alliance unions, once the first childcare benefit expired in June.

The eligibility remains the same as the original benefit (see below for details).

Union strength
This benefit once again confirms our role in setting the highest standards for pay and benefits.  As the pandemic grinds on, few employers are extending this kind of support to their workforce.  Our work in partnership contributes to KP’s success in providing quality care and strong financial performance that in turn supports workers with industry-leading benefits. Childcare grants, along with the extra COVID-related sick leave, are a reflection of the strength of our Alliance unions and our partnership.

Alliance leadership is continuing discussions with KP on other issues related to childcare/school closure: including the need for flexibility around scheduling, voluntary temporary shift/hours changes, and other changes to help employees meet their unprecedented family obligations.   We have also proposed that KP modify attendance policies and programs – so that employees are not penalized due to sudden school closures or quarantines.  We have urged KP to issue a national directive that regional leadership engage with local unions collaboratively on all of these operational and policy issues.

COVID leave reinstated
The COVID+ 80 hours leave which originally expired June 15 was reinstated retroactively following engagement from the Alliance and others.  This leave currently expires at the end of September.  The Alliance is urging KP to extend this benefit as well.

Eligibility details on childcare benefit
Employees are eligible to apply for grants under the following conditions: ​

  • full time, part time and per diem (working at least 20 hours per week)
  • full-time defined as 32+ hours
  • eligible hours are those hours worked in a facility (time off benefits do not count toward calculation)
  • amount prorated for employees who work less than 32 hours (actual hours / 32)
  • required to report to work at a KP facility for their scheduled shifts, or directed to care for patients in person at a non-KP facility
  • childcare for school-aged children (and disabled dependent children).
  • can apply for benefit weekly
  • payments will be issued on the next on cycle payroll
  • employees and per diems must provide weekly at attestation that includes hours worked in a facility, caregiver name, phone number, address, and email
  • employees working remotely / at home are not eligible ​
  • includes all HP/H, SCPMG, and TPMG represented and non-represented employees
  • includes any eligible child an employee has as a covered dependent
  •  KP reserves the right to validate this information
  • school-aged defined as age 14 or younger
  • all employees and per diems must work at least 20 hours in a facility in the week that the grant is being requested
  • one grant per household
  • eligible caregivers exclude spouse or domestic partner residing in the child’s home
  • other relatives are eligible

This program expires December 19, 2020. If a public benefit becomes available that is comparable, this program will retire upon the effective date of the public program. Otherwise, this program expires on the December date.

Click here to download and print a copy of the benefit details.

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