Parkview Bargaining 2022

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We are preparing to bargain our next Parkview Registered Nurses Association (PRNA) collective bargaining agreement soon. Through preparation and working together, we can achieve our priorities in our next contract. It’s never been more important to raise standards for health care professionals and patients – especially given the intense pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic. When we go to the table, we have a plan to win.


Get Involved

Here’s how you can join the movement to make our next contract even better:

📋 Invite other PRNA members to take the bargaining survey to let the bargaining team know what matters:
Every voice counts. Our union contracts reflect our priorities, and we need your participation to make that happen.

💪 Unity is our greatest strength. Our stewards keep us united by keeping us informed and involved. If you want to become a union steward, contact any affiliate officer for more details.

✊ Take a look at the highlights from our 2020-2022 contract on Memberlink: MEMBERLINK is our membership-only portal where we keep contracts, education materials, governance documents. All UNAC/UHCP members should be registered. Get your Memberlink account started today:


Bargaining Updates

August 30, 2022